OpenEd week 7 – work in progress

Week 7: Licensing Open Educational Resources Creative Commons (Watch the top 4 videos) see also: CC Origins, in Italian (1 Video)

GNU Free Documentation License (FSF, 6 pages)

Free content tutorial (Various, 12 pages)

WikiEducator: Memoirs, myths, misrepresentations and the magic (Mackintosh, 10 pages)

Reasons Not to Use a Creative Commons -NC License (Möller, 9 pages)

Open educational resources and practices (Blackall, 8 pages)

Noncommercial isn’t the problem, ShareAlike is (Wiley, 5 pages)

ShareAlike, the public domain, and privileging (Wiley, 3 pages)

QUESTIONS: Can you think of license options that CC is currently missing that would benefit the open education movement? As the CC and GFDL licenses are incompatible, how can OCW content be legally remixed with Wikipedia content? Some people claim that the Creative Commons ShareAlike clause provides most of the protections people want to secure from the Creative Commons NonCommercial clause. What do you think these people mean, are they right, and why? Is copyleft good for the open education movement? Why or why not?


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