OpenEd -week 13

The Future of Open EducationThe OpenCourseWars (Wiley, 13 pages)

QUESTIONS: What will the future of higher education look like? What impact will the open education movement have? How will we get there from here? What will be the effects of open education?

I really enjoyed reading the 13 pages and want to focus my attention on one point only: ebook writing and sharing.

This is somenthing I’m trying to cope with just in these days. I’ll quote from the scenario on page 8: “First, the decade-old struggling ebook hardware market suddenly came to life as students could buy a $ 100 piece of hardware that let them read, annotate, print, and wirelessly trade all their textbooks at no additional cost.”

I’ve been teaching English Literature for more than 20 years by now and have collected lots of good practices  and digitalized materials that are being conveyed through the open source Platform Moodle during the school year…blended modality.

What I want to do now is creating an ebook to have my students read, annotate, print and connect wirelessly to work on webquests and other tasks.

I’ve already chosen the title “iLITbook” and trying to optimize for iLiad, a black and white ebook reader with mp3 functions and handwriting facilities.

The experiment is challenging mainly for the efforts to design a book which is 25% to read, 25% for study skills development, 25 % for language skills and 25% for digital skills. Do you find it is a honest treament for a sort of ‘product’ which claims to be brand new in the field?

My great stimulus is that I’m really enjoying working on it!

I’d like to answer all the questions for this week but I’m not so good at predicting and theorizing. My vision is still limited to my everyday work with my students.


2 Responses

  1. dear Silvana,
    you’re doing a very important work. I’m sure that it is the right way to improve didactics with ICT and OER. In these weeks I was interested to my context too, and also for me is difficult to think about a world scenario. So I think to address my efforts for my work, my school, my country. I’m also thinking that, as well as we talked in last weeks, one of the privileged way to create and share OER is the decentralized one. I wish you all the best for you and your projects.
    See you soon.

  2. Thank you very much, Emanuela. I really need encouragement.

    I often like to think that if a person dreams of something, you can be sure it is just a dream. When two or more persons dream about the same dream, reality is just beginning.

    So, what we can do to make things happen is starting step by step in our working context with the awareness that something behind is there to scaffold our attempts: this international course by David Wiley which is giving us the opportunity to know each other.

    Have a good Sunday
    Silvana 😉

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