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Italians do it better?
December 18, 2007

Here is the last feedback by David Wiley to the participants.


OpenEd week 15: Wrap Up
December 5, 2007

Overall feelings about the course: the Italian Group has worked on a shared document.

On the content side, what did you learn?

I learned a lot about free culture and open content phylosophy and practice.

 How will you use it after the class is over?

I designed ScribaLAB two years ago, this course has made it appeared to me as if it is a twenty-year old project. I’m re-designing it as an OER.

I’ve been working on Moodle with my students for five years. Interaction is quite satisfactory but I need a change: ebook writing is my next challenge to have my students read, annotate, print and connect wirelessly to work on webquests and other tasks.

What did we not cover that you realize now we really should have?

Hands-on-project activities to practice what we preach, even if on a small scale. As for example, designing an OER module collaboratively.

 On the process side, how could the class be better next time it’s taught?

By working more on knowing-me-knowing-you activities from the very beginning, in small groups of five or six with a coordinator, which is something we have already experienced in LTever thread while following the course.

 What would you change?

I’d have less theory for a head-only but even more for talking heads participants. Free choice for the reading materials with the possibility to trust summaries from those participants who read complete books and papers.

 What would you keep?

Crossblogging and deadlines.

 Is there anything we as a group can do after the course is over?

Yes, we have already started sharing ideas and projects.

Something similar to this one by Thieme – Open Education wiki on 

OpenEd week 14
December 5, 2007

…didn’t have time to catch my breath and reflecting on week 13, this time. I read the posts commented on Wiley’s Blog and those ones of my Italian Group.

I also left some comments.