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Italians do it better?
December 18, 2007

Here is the last feedback by David Wiley to the participants.


OpenEd – Week One
September 12, 2007

 Week 1 August 27: Why Open Education?

Removing obstacles in the way of the right to education (Tomasevski, 51 pages)

Free and compulsory education for all children: the gap between promise and performance (Tomasevski, 81 pages)

Testimony to the Secretary of Education’s Commission on the Future of Higher Education (Wiley, 7 pages)

I finished reading “Removing Obstacles in te way of the right to Education” and I’ll try to aswer the question for the first week
Is the “right to education” a basic human right?

I think it is a basic human right because any other right if not human could be greatly limitative. If we consider Maslow pyramid, much depends on the level and on the time to be needed for poor to ‘get fresh water’.


Maslow organised the categories of fundamental human need into a pyramid structure. An inferior need (at the bottom of the pyramid) must be satisfied before a superior need (at the top of the pyramid) appears.

Inyour opinion, is open *access* to free, high-quality educational opportunity sufficient, or is it necessary to *mandate* education through a certain age or level?

It is not sufficient but it is a good starting point. I’ve been teaching English to students using the blended solution for seven years and the results are quite satisfactory.

Two of the stories presented in the paper made me think about important issues in education –
The Russian woman complaining about the great expenses in educating her son and the close connection between education-economy and society in some developing countries.

If you look at them from a single prospective the value for money in education is missing. If you include them in a broader context there is still hope to educating people for lifelong learning.